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As an instructional designer, I work with business owners, management teams, and talent specialists to create or update formal and informal learning programs and tools. My 20 years of projects are diverse in topic, audience and product type. LEARN MORE HERE.

Developing strong training programs and curriculum tools calls for finding and connecting best knowledge dots. My specialty is accomplishing this in practical, creative ways. My own learning process and career path continues to be—rather unusual!

I created Duly Knowted to enable my clients to collect key parts of the “know how—know who—know what—know when” wisdom I saw leaving their organizations when key people moved on.

Now, Duly Knowted offers rapidly-deployed knowledge capture tools for organizations and businesses of every size—as employees, teams, and members transition to new work assignments or leave the organization. LEARN MORE ABOUT DULY KNOWTED HERE.

  • JGL
    Training Consultant

    Audrey is perhaps the most creative person I have worked with in my 30 years in the training and development business. She has a gift for seeing the connections in both process and task relationships, exploring them, and mapping them in graphical and actionable patterns that make sense.

  • ER
    Design Team Member

    One of my favorite things about working with Audrey is the way she encourages her team and her clients to think outside the box and look toward the future. As a result, her projects are always of exceptional quality and engaging for learners.

  • MM
    Project Director

    She definitely goes beyond the status quo; recognizes the need for new or modified approaches; brings perspectives and approaches together, combining them in creative ways—all with the client in mind.

  • CM
    Project Manager

    You were given a job that even Glenn (the client) couldn’t define. From confetti, you built a wonderful model that will benefit this client for a long time. I still don’t know quite how you did it.