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CLIENT: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

PROJECT: Audrey conducted over 125 pre-design interviews, focus groups and familiarization tours to establish user requirements for the $800 million tower expansion. Among the areas investigated and defined were warehouses, engineering spaces, casino support rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, guest spas and leisure facilities, employee spaces and executive offices. Audrey collected, interpreted and organized requirements and prepared documentation for use by the project architects.

CLIENT: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas; Planet Hollywood Hotel, and the Venetian Resort and Casino

PROJECT: Over a 30 month period, Audrey served as a project manager and operations liaison with construction teams at Caesars Palace (and later the Venetian) as new towers and attractions were designed, built and occupied. Her role was to establish and maintain communication between operational teams and the construction groups working to complete facilities while guests occupied the hotel. Often this involved just-in-time, seat-of- the-pants logistics and reschedules to accommodate contingencies.Projects: As a specialized form of information design, “wayfinding” plans the signage systems that lead people to, through and from buildings.

  • Audrey created an inexpensive, adaptable system for leading construction workers and early onboarding employees through the massive Venetian Resort and Casino during the property’s pre-opening phases.
  • Audrey developed a program for temporary back of house signage for Caesars Palace during their major tower expansion. The assignment included design, approvals and vendor coordination.

  • CLIENT: Legoland Development, LLC

    PROJECT: Facilities programs for Legoland, Germany. Audrey collected and summarized user requirements for administrative facilities and several site attractions based in part on the Carlsbad, California Legoland facility. Legoland management staff served as the subject matter experts. The project included a number of attraction “briefs,” detailing attraction themes, user requirements and design direction.