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CLIENT: Ascension Health

PROJECT: Audrey created a master program plan and individual components (presentations, workshops, coaching plans) for the four-month Healing without Harm (error prevention) program. The multi-level blended program was developed for delivery to 120,000 employees at 65 hospital sites. The design required close alignment with overall corporate monitoring and measurement strategies.

CLIENT: A defense industry supplier

PROJECT: This safety culture content analysis involved reviews of online and offline information pieces and presentations, meetings with safety staff, site observations and several onsite focus groups. The project purpose was to assess the instructional value of existing materials and presentations, and their role in maintaining the safety culture at one of the client’s uniquely hazardous sites. Recommendations addressed changes in content as well as the processes used to format and distribute safety information.

CLIENT: Conoco-Phillips transportation unit

PROJECT: A prototype mapping and validation tool for unit managers dealing with 150+ certifications for job roles reporting to them. The tool was designed to give learning managers a clearer overview of certification requirements and the overall curriculum plan prior to loading courses on the corporate learning management system.

CLIENT: A “big four” accounting firm

PROJECT: Audrey led a virtual team of learning consultants in evaluating the instructional effectiveness of 90 existing, primarily instructor-led courses. The team then developed a strategy for converting portions of that curriculum to an online learning format. Audrey helped develop the evaluation criteria and the customized reporting tool for this project, along with evaluating 15 of the courses.

CLIENT: Department of Energy, Yucca Mountain Project

PROJECT: Web site analysis and information design for the Department’s proposed nuclear waste disposal site northwest of Las Vegas. Audrey reviewed the current website, provided feedback to developers, and applied information design strategies to create revised site concept maps for this major engineering enterprise.

CLIENT: Major international airline

PROJECT: Major updates to two programs—a three-day and a ten-day orientation—for the airline’s baggage desk and reservations call centers. The projects involved content and procedural updates and design revisions to improve participant interactivity. The programs were developed for an offshore audience, requiring extra attention to the cultural aspects of the activities.