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CLIENT: Pfizer Animal Health and Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health)

PROJECT: Audrey developed eight customer education programs on strategic planning, financial management, marketing and team building for large animal and companion animal clients, and (2) solution selling training for Zoetis sales teams.

CLIENT: John Deere

PROJECT: Over two years, Audrey worked with John Deere’s Dealer Development group to prepare virtual webinars, sales workshops, and a two-day interactive distance learning session on solution selling for concurrent facilitated delivery to multiple dealer sites.

CLIENT: Boeing Leadership Center

PROJECT: Audrey developed “Political Savvy and Influencing” as a five-hour unit within a two-week leadership development program at the Boeing Leadership Center. To customize and tailor content, Audrey surveyed Boeing executives and directly incorporated their opinions, guidelines and applications for political savvy behaviors. Audrey scripted comments into audio tapes that were incorporated into module activities.

CLIENT: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

PROJECT: With the completion of $800 million in new multi-purpose facilities at Caesars Palace, the property’s emergency procedures manual required a major update. Audrey organized and significantly expanded the existing document, addressing general evacuation procedures and more specific procedures for fire, electrical failure, bomb threat, hazardous materials and other disaster scenarios. Materials were organized for later incorporation into departmental safety training plans for the hotel-casino.For another major Caesars project, Audrey developed customer service training for 300 magicians and other characters staffing the Magical Empire dinner-show attraction.

CLIENT: Solar Turbines, San Diego

PROJECT: When Solar Turbines undertook a comprehensive advanced level orientation program at its San Diego facility, Audrey developed a four-part, 16-hour “core curriculum” for delivery by Solar’s management to 1000 employees. The program goal was to build loyalty and better acquaint tenured employees with the company’s markets, products and business objectives.

CLIENT: CRM Films and SkillBuilders, Inc.

PROJECT: Over four years, Audrey created participant and instructor materials for multiple, best selling CRM products. Among them: Teamwork in Crisis, a video account of the crash of United Flight 232 (in which 200 of the 300 passengers survived); Ethics for Everyone, Accountability Pays, Leadership Challenge, Taking Charge of Change and the update to Abilene Paradox.

CLIENT: Arkive, Inc. and Duke Medical Center

PROJECT: Audrey created an onsite, intra-operative training system—including lab coat pocket job aids and a defined training sequence—for the anesthesiology staff at Duke Medical Center. The program served as a rapid deployment prototype to be offered at client customers’ medical facilities. The assignment included equipment training and coaching plans for use in operating rooms during live cases. Working with the client, Audrey also created or co-authored a number of ancillary marketing reports, white papers and poster presentations.

CLIENT: Visicom (San Diego based defense contractor)

PROJECT: Technically oriented and time-stressed Visicom employees were experienced project managers but lacked experience as people managers. Audrey designed a ten-week supervisory skills program customized for the Visicom environment and culture. Topics included Delegating, Coaching, Performance Evaluation, Conflict Management, Time Management, Dealing with Change, etc.

CLIENT: San Diego Unified School District

PROJECT: Working through several foundation grants, Audrey assembled a 25-lesson curriculum for 2nd-6th grade students on architecture and landscape architecture. Lessons included detailed plans and handouts on topics such as “scale,” “landforms,” and “collaboration.” The lessons were designed with options for co-instruction with volunteer architects. Audrey also developed and staffed the two-day in-service that introduced the program to several dozen district teachers.